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Heartbreaking Facts About Victoria Eugenie, The Hated Queen Of Spain

Although she remained cool and collected in times of peril, Princess Victoria Eugenie had demons nipping at her heels. From her tumultuous marriage to her heartbreaking trials with motherhood, she was no stranger to the slurs of condemnation. Still, even as Victoria Eugenie her best foot forward, she would never escape her utterly twisted fate. On October 24, 1887, Princess Victoria Eugenie blessed the royal family with her arrival. As the granddaughter of the illustrious Queen Victoria, she al

Tragic Facts About Elizabeth Feodorovna, The Martyred Princess

Few can claim to possess the inner beauty of Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna. Strong of spirit, with a deep belief in her convictions and a penchant for kindness, Feodorovna touched the hearts of all who knew her. Despite the jaw-dropping tragedies that life threw her way, Feodorovna remained strong, even in the face of her horrific and grisly end. Her story started out as a fairy tale, with her playing the part of a real-life Cinderella…only to devolve into a saga just as twisted and heartbreaking.

Doomed Facts About Franz Joseph, Emperor Of Austria

Lots of historical figures are complicated, but they don’t get much more complicated than Franz Joseph I of Austria. A staunch monarch in an era when kings were going out of style, Franz Joseph made himself many enemies. As if that wasn’t already a ton to handle, his family life was complex, and marred by tragedy. Brilliant, stubborn, and kind in equal measure, it’s hard to say whether Franz Joseph was a good guy. Read on, and judge for yourself. 1. His Mom Used Him The world welcomed Franz Jo

Sinful Facts About Pope John XII, The Party Pope

It’s hard to do justice to the story of the walking disaster that was Pope John XII. When even the historian most sympathetic to his life states, “There cannot be a doubt that John XII was anything but what a Pope, the chief pastor of Christendom, should have been,” you know he must have messed up somewhere along the way. An adulterer, backstabber, and all-around terrible human being, John XII’s story is like a trainwreck you can’t take your eyes off of.

Scandalous Facts About Jane Boleyn, The Betrayed Viscountess

Poor Jane Boleyn just could not catch a break during her time as a member of King Henry VIII’s court. Betrayed multiple times and by multiple people, the intrigue and backstabbing of the court eventually caused Jane to lose her head…literally. As if this wasn’t bad enough, people proceeded to make her out as some sort of cartoonish, cackling witch of a villain. How did this all come to pass? Read on to find out.

Chilling Facts About Anne Bonny, Pirate Queen

Ahoy matey, and beware all ye who dare to read on: The tale of Anne Bonny is one of horror and woe. One of the few recorded female pirates in history, Anne’s story has become so legendary that the tall tales about her have almost become as important as the facts. Anne Bonny’s life was filled with high-seas drama, vengeful plots, and unlucky victims. If you can stomach such horror, then we have a pirate tale of epic proportions just for you.

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Comedic Facts About Max Linder, The World’s First International Movie Star

When it comes to comedic silent films, many people today think about films that star the likes of Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. However, very few know about the man that inspired their acts: Max Linder. Although Linder was one of the most famous stars in his day and has left his fingerprints on just about every movie we see today, his story is relatively unknown. Why is that? And what led to his sudden and gruesome end? Read on to find out.

Devastating Facts About Diahann Carroll, The Barrier-Smashing Actress

Diahann Carroll was a groundbreaking figure in the world of entertainment. As a Black performer, she faced prejudice and backlash from all sides, but she never let it completely snuff out her love of the craft. However, her personal relationships always haunted her in the background, making it hard for her to enjoy her own success. Not even Dominique Deveraux could hold a candle to Diahann Carroll’s harrowing real-life full of obstacles, complicated relationships, and jealous lovers.

Explosive Facts About Eddie Fisher, Hollywood's Most Scandalous Playboy

If you need an idea of how Eddie Fisher saw himself, just take a look at the first page of his autobiography, where he wrote, “When I was a small child—I couldn’t have been more than three or four years old—I opened my mouth and this beautiful sound came out.” Even as a kid, Fisher knew he had one destiny, and one destiny only: To become a star. Unfortunately, tragedy, scandal, and heartbreak marked his road to fame.

Seductive Facts About Lillie Langtry, The Queen Of Mistresses

Impossibly beautiful and an absolute charmer, Lillie Langtry captured the imagination of 19th-century London. A mistress to no fewer than five members of high society, her many trysts resulted in a vast fortune and serious clout among London’s upper class—but it made her many enemies as well. Join us on Lillie Langtry’s infamous pursuit of fame and fortune…and witness her dramatic downfall. 1. Trouble Was Her Middle Name Langtry inherited two particular traits from her parents that shaped her

Alluring Facts About Norma Talmadge, The Lost Silent Star

One of the most successful and influential actresses of the Roaring Twenties, Norma Talmadge exploded onto the scene out of nowhere and took the world by storm. In her prime, she oozed glamor and was celebrated by her legions of fans for her warm and expressive acting. It’s surprising, then, that so little is known about her. From her impoverished start to the highs of her career, the story of this silent star will be kept silent no longer.

Thrilling Facts About Joan Bennett, The Ultimate Femme Fatale

Joan Bennett lived in a time that was tumultuous and full of changes for actresses like her. The Silent Era of movies was just ending, and the Sound Era was just beginning. An actress with lesser fire and talent would not have made it through this time of rapid change, but Bennett’s tenacity and smarts made her one of the most successful and beloved actresses of her time. Still, her life wasn’t without its personal struggles, battles with the press, and scandalous moments.

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Alluring Facts About Stephanie Seymour, The Angel Of Fashion

When Stephanie Seymour first entered the world of fashion, she had no idea that she wasn’t just going to be any old model. As Seymour electrified the photoshoots she attended and stomped her way down the runway, it became apparent to everyone that she was something special. How did Seymour go from everyday American girl to worldwide supermodel? Read on to find out! Seymour’s childhood years stand in stark contrast to the turmoil of her later life. We know Stephanie Seymour for her sophisticated

Mysterious Facts About Grace Jones, Pop’s Biggest Enigma

Just calling Grace Jones an enigmatic character doesn’t do her justice. This model-actor-singer thrives on creating chaos, uncertainty, and on using her work to inspire others to boldly face their biggest fears. Delighting in telling the press half-truths about her own life, Jones’s personal life is, to put it mildly, a bit of a mystery. Join us as we separate the facts from fiction in the life of Grace Jones.

Troubling Facts About Tom Hardy, The Darkest Actor In Hollywood

Gritty, cerebral, and difficult—at one point or another, these words have all described Tom Hardy, best known for playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Max in Mad Max: Fury Road, and Venom in Marvel’s Venom. A private individual, Hardy keeps a lot about his past close to his chest, but what he does reveal paints a picture that isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. Maybe the dark characters he plays come from somewhere real. It’s time to dive into the dark life of Tom Hardy. Both of Hardy’s pare

Fiery Facts About Naomi Campbell, The Catwalk Trailblazer

Supermodel, activist, philanthropist, and troublemaker, Naomi Campbell made waves in the fashion industry, paving much of the path for today’s new talents. Constantly facing discrimination in her line of work, Campbell never backed down when faced with injustice—and this fiery, tenacious attitude got her into trouble more often than not. From her fights for diversity to her fistfights with staff, let’s dive into the tumultuous life of Naomi Campbell. 1. She Never Knew Her Dad Campbell’s father